A Break in the Whine
November 29, 2004 - 5:09 p.m.


We're into the last stretch, the final countdown to the end of the term. Oy, do the papers pile up!

By now you must think you're listening to a broken many papers to write, so much reading, so much writing, so many books...

Now for something completely different.

This past weekend Amy and I went to her parent's house for Thanksbirthdaymas. That is American Thanksgiving, my birthday and a very early Christmas. We'll be in Milwaukee for the 25th, so Amy's mum decided to have a big meal now. Due to her past work schedule the family was rarely able to celebrate Christmas on Christmas, so it wasn't so odd for them. It was certainly a very nice gesture, and the food was excellent. Amy's mum and dad gave me the Star Wars Trilogy DVD, so I know what I'll be doing during the term break, eh?

Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars!


I also got a lovely pointsetta, just a few days after thinking that I didn't have any plants, and a box of Turtles candies...mmmmmm...Turtles...

After dinner everyone trooped downtown to watch the Santa Clause parade. Our spot was right outside the church Amy grew up in, and of which her brother is now a warden. He showed me around the place and we talked church politics a bit, a conversation continued later with Amy's dad. Oh, it's a scary world I'm getting into.

Amy and I also got to visit, ever so briefly, with Pan and Vive. Pan's currently at teacher's college, so we don't see him that often. When we arrived to pick him up he was on the kitchen floor, cutting out number bears for his class. You sort of have to know Pan to know why that's funny...

For those who don't know (which would be everyone except Pan, Vive and Amy) the three of them have been friends forever. Pan and Vive have been very gracious in accepting the new guy, to the point that Pan once mused, "Do you think he's The Fourth?" As if the three of them had been searching for a mythical fourth member to complete the team.

So Pan and Vive (these are not their real names, of course...they're monikers which Amy gave them long ago for her own online diary) and Amy and I went to the Tim Horton's (of course) for tea and chat. Aside from the rude fellow behind us in line, (ah, Tim Horton's) it was my idea of a good night.