Searching for Aaron
December 31, 2005 - 1:56 p.m.


If I write an entry it'll either be boring (because I'm not doing anything interesting right now) or depressing (because that's what I'm getting from the news). Therefore I'll just give you...

How They Found Me Lately

Here's a very incomplete list of keywords used by curious surfers to find my site. Many of these hits landed on my "How a Yank Can Pretend to be a Canuck" page, others hit my High Park bird watching page. Some hit my blog, which makes one wonder...

  • aaron orear
  • theatre resume
  • bird yellow beak toronto
  • where do canadians' go on vacation
  • aaron smells
  • what do americans know about canada
  • sparrow restaurant toronto
  • bird watching toronto
  • why do canadians talk the way they do?
  • canadians friendly
  • canadians hate americans
  • why do canadians hate the french?
  • american pretending canadian
  • aaron poo head
  • you can't do that in canada
  • americans claiming to be canadian on vacation
  • high park
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  • common birds in toronto canada
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  • canadian american accent
  • toronto picture high park
  • eaton centre christmas insanity
  • american tourists pretend to be canadians
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  • pretend canadian
  • agelaius phoeniceus picture
  • aaron smells
  • grey bird with a red head what kind of bird is that
  • toronto high park pictures
  • ethelwyn wetherald frost
  • americans claiming to be canadian on vacation
  • common birds in toronto canada
  • www.toronto bird watching
  • doom painting, salisbury
  • things to do in toronto at night
  • beachball
  • high park in toronto
  • what canadians say about yanks
  • michaelle jean glamorous
  • y is aarons so small
  • you might be canadian
  • store for binocular in toronto
  • bird watchers toronto
  • bird watching in high park
  • numbering psalms
  • aaron's dos and don'ts
  • ordo romanus primus
  • things you can only get in canada ketchup chips
  • americans being canadians abroad
  • broodle dog
  • smudge leaves store in toronto
  • do japanese like american tourists
  • toronto shootout, yonge street, december 26th
  • toronto bird watching
  • pictures of yonge street shootout
  • common birds in toronto
  • why do canadians say eh?
  • canada flag backpack american pretend
  • george w. bush map of the world joke
  • toronto bird observatory
  • high park toronto bird

I wonder about a few of those..."aaron poo head" is hardly complimentary, nor is "y is aarons so small." I can only assume that the searched meant my ego...