The Yuppie Diner
April 28, 2006 - 12:47 p.m.


There's a new restaurant just down the street from here...The Brown Cow. They do your basic burgers and whatnot, with that yuppie-gentrified twist that's all the rage in city dining. You know what I mean...the chicken isn't grilled, it's "blackened," and the bun isn't sesame seed, it's focaccia bread. Anything they can do to make a diner burger into a yuppie meal.

Maybe I'm buying into the yuppie thing, but I like the food there. I'm occasionally in the mood for a plain old diner (increasingly difficult to find in Toronto) but I have to admit that I like the yupped-up food, too. The offerings at the Brown Cow are quite good, so I'm afraid I'll be spending too much time and money there this summer, especially while Amy's away.

I think the diner experience is best for breakfast. Sadly I'm rarely awake early enough to partake. That is, I'm not awake early enough to eat at a diner and get where I'm going. I tend to wake up with just enough time to get ready and go. If I don't have to be anywhere until afternoon, well then I don't wake up till after 10:00am, and breakfast is over.

There's a place up the street, Aris Place (I can't figure out how to pronounce that...did they drop the apostrophe? In that case it's Ari's place, and I know how to pronounce that...but how do you miss the possessive like that? O.K., this parenthetical has gone on long enough...) that serves your basic diner fare. I've never tried their breakfast (see above), but they do serve a heap of food for cheap. It's not great food; it's just your basic diner fare, but that's nothing to sneeze at. There are times when I can't face focaccia bread and pine-nut salads and caramelized onions. Give me a burger, hold the yuppie.

That's the beauty of this neighbourhood. It's just in the transition from ethnic, working class to yuppie gentrified. You can still find plates of perogies and schnitzel, as well as greasy spoon diner food. But you can also find fennel seed toast and blackened chicken Caesar salads.

Woe the day when the yuppies entirely drive out the old school. Woe the day, indeed.